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Hot Tub Moving Services Idaho Falls, ID.


It's More Than Just A Hot Tub

As professional hot tub movers in Idaho Falls, ID, we know firsthand the joy and relaxation that a hot tub can bring to any home or commercial space. We also know how difficult it can be to get an ordinary moving company to move one for you. Fortunately, that is where we come in.

As a fully insured, locally owned and operated specialty moving business, 212° Specialty Movers has the sturdy equipment, dedicated staff, depth of experience, and strong work ethic necessary to handle any hot tub moving job you throw our way.



A hot tub in your backyard is fun for the kids, fun for entertaining, and an all-around great asset for your home. But when it comes time to move that hot tub to your new house, all it can feel like is a huge pain. As a locally owned and operated small business, 212° Specialty Movers will treat your property with great respect, and our team will ensure that your hot tub is right at home in your new backyard.


Hotels, apartment complexes, and swim clubs certainly benefit from the addition of a hot tub or two, and we want to be the ones to handle the moving and setup for you. Get in touch anytime for more information on our commercial hot tub moving services.


Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, you can count on the fact that when you hire 212° Specialty Movers, your experience will be full of respect, friendly service, reliable work and reasonable prices. We look forward to earning many long-term clients in the years to come!

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