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Piano Moving


Trustworthy Service With The Most Precious Of Things.

212° Specialty Movers is proud to be a leading, trusted source for piano moving in Idaho Falls, ID. Through our work, we have gotten the chance to meet many different piano players and enthusiasts, so we know how important your piano can be to a household or business. After all, a piano can serve as entertainment, art, the chance to learn a skill, a way to earn money, and even a family heirloom.

With so much at stake, we are dedicated to providing our clients with piano moving services that are a note or two above the norm.




Moving is an expensive enough pursuit, without the added expense of an overpriced and incompetent specialty moving service. When you hire 212° Specialty Movers, you can rely on getting solid, quality service without an unexpected high price tag. If you’d like to know more about our affordable pricing, please feel free to give us a call.


Here at 212° Specialty Movers, we don’t just hire anyone with muscles and half a brain to do our moving. We make sure our employees are well trained, experienced and hardworking, so that your piano will arrive in its new home without a scratch. We take pride in giving your instrument a second life in a new location.


A piano is often a precious belonging, and you deserve to know that the person moving your piano understands and respects that importance. Here at 212° Specialty Movers, every job we take on is imbued with an inherent sense of regard and caution.

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